About Us

The Nigeria Oil and Gas industry is still the major part of the country’s overall undiversified economy. Famous Interglobal Oil and Gas Limited with Registration No. 108459 trades in Petroleum Products besides rendering other services in the Oil and Gas Sector being an Oil Servicing Firm. A fully registered company in Nigeria both at Corperate Affairs Commission (CAC) and with the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).


We are an investment opportunity platform for Nigerians both at Home and in Diaspora who wish to invest their resources to make more returns in the Oil and Gas industry.

FIOG as an organisation is about People, Investment and Profit.

At FIOG, we watch our clients Back with integrity, Sincerity, Commitment with total support from the FIOG TEAM towards helping investors and clients at all levels to succeed collectively.

It is our assurance to say that FIOG trading in Nigeria’s Oil and Gas Sector is a ZERO RISK Investment Platform. We are proud to say you can go to sleep while we handle your projects or trade with your invested sums at FOGNaija for maximum Return on your investment. Click on Investment page to proceed with your investment by filling the Investors membership form.

With FOGNaija, you are just a click away from being a Millionaire by investing and getting between 20% to 30% Return on your investment (ROI).